Square mesh conveyor belts


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>Rubber conveyor belts fitted
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>Square mesh conveyor belts 
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Total length of the conveyor belt mm
Number of rods
Total width of the conveyor belt
(take existing wear into account)
Conveyor belt spacing
(dimension from the centre of the
rod to the centre of the rod:
measure the distance from centre to 
centre of 11 rods and divide by 10)
Number of rubber belts
Width of the belts
Belt types  Flat  Notched  Protection
Diameter of the rods mm
Space between the rods mm
Number of pins mm
Length of the pins: (A) mm
Diameter of the pins: (B) mm
Distance from edge of rod to 1st pin: (C) mm
Distance between axes of pins: (D) mm
Quincunx or aligned pins  Curved pins  Straight pins
Fastening of rods to the central belt  Links  Flats
Locking device  Hinge  Overlay  Closed belt

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