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CAPAGRI is based in Noyelles-sur-Escaut of CAMBRAI, North 59400.

CAPAGRI is the only French supplier of steel rod conveyor belts, hedgehog conveyors, which
come in all widths and are suitable for every type of machine; the company also specialises in the
sale of parts for harvesting equipment for "beetroots, chicory, potatoes, carrots, cider apples etc…

It offers a full range of gears, cast iron rollers and rubber, universal drives, hinges, feeders and adaptable carpet all makes of machine.

Our business turnover is such that we are able to offer our customers prices that are much lower than those for original parts.

CAPAGRI, is supplied by reputable professionals "BROEKEMA the Netherlands" for the supply of original parts and is intended for qualified contractors for custom fabrications "eg Universal Drive", with particular specifications which often provides improvements compared to the original preparation.